Listing of Florida Logistics Companies

If you came here looking for information on Florida transportation companies, just take a look around and decide which ones you might be interested in. Whether it is someone that focuses on flatbed trucking or vans or reefers, whatever your needs choose the company you have the most interest in then use the information to do some research. If you are using a broker, make sure you check out before you do so. Additionally you can check out several different credit companies as well as the sites that are run by the government, specifically the FMCSA website

Make sure you check references and verify the numbers given to those references match with the company they are supposed to. Imagine someone picking up your shipment worth thousands of dollars and then disappearing. Or if a broker, they could broker your load out, get paid and not pay the carrier, leaving you on the hook for double payment. We talk to people every day in this situation and it is never a good situation to be in. At best, if you get bit by a double brokered scam and you are a carrier, you might get 50% of the money you are originally promised, if you are lucky.

Some things you can find from a simple internet search, are paid results that offer much more than we do here, so if you need more, by all means go find it.

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